Cool New App Skylight Resolved My Homelessness

On Tuesday, I was kicked out of my apartment, and by Thursday I moved into my new one.

How? A new app that’s being touted as Tinder for Tenants. It’s called Skyline, and I think I’m in love with it.

Let’s go back to Tuesday evening. I get home from an exhausting day at work, looking […]

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The Fappening: Proof That There’s No Expectation Of Privacy On The Internet

Imagine you’re an explorer, sailing across a foreign sea in the aim of settling a new and distant land, after months at sea, you finally arrive, and you start to explore the landscape.

At first, this new world might be overwhelming, filled with unexpected challenges and obstacles that threaten to undo you.

But after a little […]

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What’s Really Gone Wrong at Manchester United?

Some days the world just doesn’t seem to make sense. Some days it feels like you can throw a ball up in the air and it’ll never come down, no matter how long you wait for it. Tuesday was one of those days.

News broke before Manchester United’s League Cup tie against League 1 club […]

The Ice Bucket Challenge: A New Kind Of Activism?

I’m sick of the Ice Bucket Challenge. I was sick of it the day it started, about two weeks ago, and I’m sure as hell tired of seeing it plastered all over my news feed like some sort of white-bread suburban graffiti.

I’m sick of seeing lax-pennied bros calling out other bros while puffing their […]

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Weirdest Medical Experiments

Last week, two American aid workers, stricken with the deadly virus Ebola, were given an experimental drug called ZMapp that researchers suggested could cure the virulent pathogen.

The catch? It hadn’t even passed animal trials, and had never been used in humans before.

The two patients, Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, were administered the drug […]

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